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15+ years’ experience in managing and leading production teams, public procurement teams, training and supervision in order to generate more revenue, improve production processes and sales development.

Additionally, I have been managing large complex tenders and proposals, and supported bids with high values for European Institutions and International Organizations.



  • EMBA Programme at University of City College , for General Management 2011-2013
    University of Sheffield ( UK)
  • Bachelor of Law
    Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest 1999-2005

  • BSc in Economics and Business Administration
    Bucharest University of Economics Studies 1995-1999


Other qualifications:


  • Authorized English Translator by the Romanian Ministry of Romania

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:V 2000 – Internal Auditor – Afaq Afnor International

  • Lawyer in the Bucharest Bar .

  • Member of APMP Association.



  • Recommended by Mr Evenepoel Mark, CEO of Amplexor.





Near native


Advanced professionally

Professional Experience

Senior Bid Manager and Proposal Writer Consultant– Remote

Apr 2020 – present

Localization Expert

Main responsibilities:

  • Designing compelling responses to RFIs, RFPs, RFQs, ITTs, bids and tenders into sectors including: translation services, publishing services, ICT services and recruitment.
  • Consultancy and Contractual Work;
  • Business Development, Account Management and RFP/RFQ preparation process;


International Organizations & EU Projects Bid Manager and Contract Manager

 Jul 2018 – Apr  2020

Mondragon Lingua, Spain

Main responsibilities:

Creation, writing, editing, coordinating and processing of international tenders for EU Institutions and for International Organizations and framework contracts.

  • Responsible for all client relationship.
  • Managing large complex bids and proposals, and supported bids with high values.
  • Cooperate with International Organizations (UN, UNDP, OECD), European Commission, European Parliament and CDT – Translation Centre Bodies of EU, in order to efficiently assure the translation process for different language pairs; 
  • Tender Manager/Contract Manager for Int. Org, EU Institutions or, any strategic Client: prepare, overseeing the Tendering Process and the procurement team and, writing the Technical Proposals for new Call for tenders for existing or, new Clients.
  • Set-up or, bring improvements advices for Production Processes for the new potential Contracts, following the winning of the Call for tenders;
  • Processes improvement, optimization, and other tasks.
  • Defines and organizes the production process for different projects.


Bid Manager & Proposal Writer and EU Contract Manager

Jan 2017 – Jul 2018                                                                                            

  • Summa Linguae


Main responsibilities:

  • Prepare all EU Call for tenders, including writing of the technical proposal.
  • Managing large complex tenders and proposals, and supported bids with high values.
  • Contract Manager for the European Institutions and International Organizations.


Head of Language Services Department and Bid Manager and Proposal Writer for European Institutions and International Organizations 

Jan 2014 – Dec 2016                                                                                            

  • Intertranslations LTD, Athens, Greece


Main responsibilities:

  • Managed Translation services and Production and Sales Departments;
  • Implement processes of the Company to enable revenue growth and efficient production and Introduce up to date production methodologies;
  • Involved in the bidding process, as Bid Manager;
  • Secured Public sector contracts for different EU Institutions and International Organizations;


Bid Manager & Proposal Writer  for European Institutions and Contract Manager for EU Projects:

Coordinating the Translation Department, involving all the coordination and supervision of multiple processes for translation services for European Commission- DGT, European   Parliament and CDT.

  • Cooperate with European Commission (Directorate General for Translation) in order to assure the translation process for different language pairs;
  • Cooperate with European Parliament for the actual contracts ;
  • Cooperate with CDT – Translation Centre Bodies of EU in order to assure the translation process for different language pairs;
  • Lead the team to effectively account manager a number of Client Accounts, deliver exceptional service;
  • Supervise and monitor project execution, ensure compliance to deadlines, costs, procedures, methodology, customer requirements. Introduce preventive measures to avoid late deliveries or quality complaints;
  • Quality management and execution of activities within service quality plan (SQP);
  • Monitoring the workflow timelines as specified in the service quality plan;
  • Actively manage the departments: Vendor Management Department and PM’s team, including project management and production teams. Monitor performance and take necessary measures to achieve the set goals.
  • Provide and/or use effective tools to report analyze project and team KPIs to ensure comprehensive result comparison across projects.
  • Efficiently handle customer feedback including complaints according to the Company complaint Management system, to ensure corrective and preventive actions.
  • Ensure all the relevant financial information for cost analyses and correct customer invoicing.
  • Lead RFP Operational responses to win new Clients.
  • Represents the company, in relation with European Commission, DGT, European Parliament, Court of Justice of the European Union, ECB and CDT (Translation Center Bodies European Union) in public events.
  • Prepare and supervision of all Call for tenders for EU Institutions
  • In 2015, I was involved in the bidding process for all the Call for tenders, including the writing of the Technical Proposal for the European Parliament and we have been awarded as the main Contractor, 4 main contracts.
  • In 2015, I was involved in the bidding process for the Call for tender, including the writing of the Technical Proposal for the European Commission, and we have been awarded many Contracts with very high value.
  • Report to Managing Director and CEO of the Company.


Operations Director                                                     

2006 – 2012

EUROSCRIPT-CERTITUDE, Romania, subsidiary of Amplexor Group

Main responsibilities:

  • Global responsibility for all production wok;
  • Managed Project Management, Quality and Vendor Management;
  • Workflow and Process Optimization;
  • P&L responsibility.

I have started as an entrepreneur, establishing the Translation Company “Certitude” in 2001 and, in 2006 my former Company “Certitude” has joint “Euroscript International, currently, Amplexor Group”, based in  Luxembourg, via merger process. The name of the Romanian subsidiary was Euroscript-Certitude.

In 2008, the company reached 210 employees.

Main responsibilities:

  • Set-up and coordination of our 3 main Business Units (Language Services, Publishing Services and SI/C- System Integration and Consultancy and managing the production teams of each Unit;
  • Develop the market position, by drawing sales development strategies, procuring, necessary technologies and human resources.
  • Enforce company policies, process and procedures; representing the company in the relation with suppliers, customers and national bodies, implementation of business strategies and establishing the general development objectives of the company.
  • Overall control and supervision of all activities/projects, budgeting forecast for 4 years and P&L responsibility, managing Production Units, HR Dep, IT Dep, F&A Department , QM Dep and Sales Dep.
  • Managing selection and recruitment processes, negotiating the remuneration and bonuses for all employees, preparing the annual target agreements, specifying the targets for middle management, involving in the annual employees appraisal, following the competence model, established at the Group level.
  • Drafting and approving the job description for middle and senior level positions, close cooperation with the HR Manager for any issues regarding human resources.
  • P&L and forecasting responsibility; drafting and approving the 4 years budget forecast for RF1, RF 2, and RF 3, including salaries increases.
  • Lead RFP operational responses working with the Sales Department from the Group level to win new Clients in different sectors, including Translation services, Publishing Services, ICT Services.
  • Preparing the documentation, including drafting and writing of the Technical Proposal for the call for tenders for European Institutions.
  • Reporting to the CEO of Euroscript International Group.


 Managing Director, Shareholder


 Certitude SRL, Bucharest, Romania

 Main Responsibilities:

  • Business Development activities.
  • Lead RFP operational responses to win new Clients in the Public Procurement Sector, including European Institutions and International Organizations.
  • Operational Management.
  • Processes set-up, improvement and optimization.


  • Strong organizational, financial and leadership skills.
  • Languages:

             Romanian – native

             English – near native

             Spanish – advanced professionally




Strong organizational, financial and leadership skills.

  • Romanian – native 95% 95%
  • English – near native 85% 85%
  • Spanish – advanced professionally 70% 70%

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